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New beds for our younger guests.....and back to school ....

As part of our re-opening plans we can now rent out our Glamping tents Millie and Val from April to mid May. They each have an allocated toilet and shower so its ok as no sharing! The Shepherds Huts Jude and Logan are fine as they are self contained and have a toilet and shower in each . They also have their own hob and fridge so perfect for a private stay .

We have been looking at what we have in the Millie tent ( the furnished one , Val is empty apart from flooring so you can bring your own camping stuff)

and thought the camp beds we had last year were not comfy enough for our little guests so I have just ordered two futon single beds. Also good for a couple or single guest as you can sit and relax inside and not just have to sit on the bed! The Hobbit stoves arrived this week and will be so good for if the nights are chillier early in the season, though the double bed with duvet and throw is cosy !

School is back tomorrow which is great for the little ones but Val is still at home from Uni so not impressed that for him going back will be a while . Mimi the eldest is in her final year and being a "super mum" as studying whilst having Harley who will be 2 in June and pregnant with our second grandchild…! So after school drop off tomorrow Mark and I have a final "opening season planning day" and the long list that Mark has already written is bound to get longer … but we will be ready fo the 12th !

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