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Our Fishing Lakes


There have been lakes at Spring Grange Fisheries for over 40 years .We are now known as the fishing lakes at Purple Badger but we know for many it will still be Spring Grange Fisheries or the lakes at Beeby.

Whatever you choose to call us or know us by we hope that you will still feel welcome and come to fish as often as you can .

A bit about the lakes :

Our coarse lake was originally dug in 1978 when it was created to act as an irrigation pool  for the then  "pick your own" strawberry business in Beeby. It has been used for trout fishing previously before being developed into a coarse lake.  This bottom lake is 17ft deep and is  surrounded by 16 pegs which we have refurbished in the last six months . The lake holds some lovely roach, perch, bream, tench and smaller carp up to  9lbs in weight .

Our top lake was dug out in 1990, is 8ft deep at its deepest point and has a central island covered in trees and bushes. It has 12 pegs each offering its own unique features. We also have another 5 pegs that can be used if you are hiring the Shepherds huts for your night fishing stay.  This lake holds  Carp up to 18lbs and also some nice rudd and roach . 

What you need to know to fish

Opening times 

April - September 

All week 7.00am - 9.00pm 

October - March

Mon- Fri 7.30am - 8.00pm. and at weekends 7.00am - 8.00pm 


see drop down menu for details 

How to Book ? 

All fishing has to be booked on our booking site which you can access through the link above. 

What facilities do we have ?

We have a flushing toilet , wash basin and  shower that are free to use.

We also have our very own Coffee Cart which is open daily in the summer and at weekends throughout the rest of the year . This serves coffee, tea, bacon/sausage/egg sandwiches . We also have a selection of soft drinks and treats for our smaller visitors.


We welcome nightfishing throughout the week and weekend on both lakes and this can be booked through our booking system.  We allow upto six pegs to be occupied per night on each lake .



The Bait Box 

Open March - November 

What do our anglers say about their visits ?

"Fished here for many years and will always be on my list of my favourite places to fish, I fish the top lake only and try to get down at least once a week for a night, well looked after, great facilities and some stunning carp to be  caught, 

Mark and family do a brilliant job at looking after the place and the fish care is paramount, couldn’t recommend this place enough! "

"Really enjoyed my visit! Me and a friend stayed for 24 hrs on the bottom lake and had 10 carp between us. I had 7 myself and caught all through the day and night.Very well run and really clean. I like the new booking system and the stage stands are a brilliant idea! Big thumbs up to Mark 👍 "

"Very well kept place, good pegs, good fishing, very nice people, and very helpful "

" fished  here for many years and STILL LOVE To spend my days HERE "

"5 star rating 

just got back from a 24 hour sesh and that was not enough time to take in the great work Mark and the team have done. 

Great friendly people.

excellently organised>

Will definitely be returning very soon "

"brilliant fishery and great owner with everything that's been going on and had 2 great carp out thanks "

"Great place. Very friendly owners. Will always fish there "

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