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Our Rules 

We want to ensure that our fish welfare is paramount and that our site is well maintained. This will enable all of you that fish here to further enjoy your experience. It does mean that we do have to have some rules in place to support this. We kindly request that these are kept to.

General rules:

All anglers to have the appropriate rod license with them

No bread or nut bait to be used
No barbed hooks
No leaving rods unattended

No removing of fish from the fishery

Fishing from numbered pegs only

No leaving of rubbish behind
No fires

No entering the water
No under 12’s fishing alone
No dogs (unless Assistance Dogs)
No vegetation clearance or any modification to pegs
Any activity that causes a nuisance to other anglers on site will not be tolerated e.g. loud music, foul language, drug use and excessive alcohol consumption.

Additional rules on the Top Lake :

All landing nets will be triangular and a minimum of 30 inches
All anglers to have immediate access to a padded unhooking mat
Keep nets not to be used for carp unless during match competitions.  

Only safety rigs will be used and all ledger and method feeding rigs will have 1 metre of lead core or tubing behind the lead. Mainline should be 10lb minimum
All surface fishing will include an elasticated float or ‘candle’

Night Fishing - to be booked in advance

Under 16’s must be accompanied with an over 18


Anyone deciding not to keep to these rules will be requested to leave immediately.

Purple Badger Fishing Lakes cannot accept responsibility for your property and it is your responsibility to take due care around the water.

Thank you for respecting our fishery and your fellow anglers. Please enjoy the facilities and feel free to give any feedback to us.

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