Teddy Bear Stuffer or Chef ?

Its been a busy week again the boys are settled back in school and Logan wanted to cook this weekend after watching cooking shows at school - so we had Tandoori chicken which was very nice! When he grows up he wants to be a “Teddy Bear Stuffer” ( Build a Bear! ) but after cooking yesterday he is now considering being a chef . I have said both are good ! The blossom is now starting to come out near the bottom lake and the daffodils seem to be endless . We have decided to close the bottom lake for a week or so whilst we manage a recent algae bloom . Good news though this week as it has been confirmed that night fishing will be allowed to start again on the 29th, perfect timing as the clocks change next weekend and the weather continues to improve.

Kitty Millie our rescued feral cat is now fully at home after coming to live with us in Autumn ,and getting more tame by the day ,though I don't think she will ever want to live inside with us . She sleeps in the second chicken coop and roams the site in the day - look out for her when you come and stay!

Other good news this week is that Rutland Water's inflatable Aqua Park has confirmed it will open again in May, we are only 30mins away from this venue and we can't wait to try it this looks amazing ...

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