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Mothers Day Brownie from Paynes Patisserie

We have had a lovely day at the Purple Badger celebrating, thinking of everyone who is a mum , becoming a mum , missing their mum and being a mum in place of a precious mum that has now gone .

I was lucky today and had 3 of the 4 children with me whilst Millie had a second year of being a Mum herself celebrating with Harley Bear and Louis . One of my presents was a “Mother Days Brownie” made by a local business called “Paynes Patisserie” definitely highly recommended for those who are local to us .

Mark was in the coffee cart as usual over the weekend .Its been lovey to see more regulars coming to see us from the villages nearby for coffee and hot chocolate. You will also find new bike racks in place in the next week or so ready for those who want to drop by when out on their rides .

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