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Simple Skills save lives

Our defibrillator and CPR training last Thursday

As you my already know our charity focus this year was to raise funds to have our very own

defibrillator on site - and we did it ! A heartfelt thanks to all those who supported and donated in the last few months as it made all the difference.

Its recent installation was kindly donated by James Lawrence (Sparkitrite Electrical) and Mark Tomlinson (Tomlinson Electrical) our local electricians who are always on hand to help with anything electrical on site . It sits bright and yellow on the wall of our Chicken Shed near the Coffee Cart within easy reach through our main gates. Accessible should you need it .

So we then had our training session last Thursday with Alan Harrison-White who is affiliated with the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust. The trust who have been guiding and supporting us with invaluable advice for buying the right equipment and organising the additional training so that we are as prepared as we can be on site.

All the team turned out for the session including Marks sister Louise who diverted her morning to be part of the session!

We learnt a lot and personally I had never realised that the yellow box didn’t just include a device that can shock you but importantly this piece of kit actually assesses the situation and gives you fast clear advice to give you the confidence to do what is right for the person in front of you.

So if you see a yellow box when you are out and about I would urge you to stop , read how to access it then remember where it is as you may need it sometime in the future

If you need any further information or see the great work the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust are doing visit

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